res publica
5x5 Public Art Festival
Washington DC

This temporary installation combined three distinct elements. A stainless steel leaflet dispenser was positioned on the pavement outside the Supreme Court in Washington DC. Presented as a miniature Palladian temple based on the proportions the Court building, the dispenser contained an edition of printed plans for making a 1:50 scale architectural cardboard model of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile four cardboard versions of the model were installed at various locations around the city which had associations with privilege and homelessness. These models were deliberately left to the mercy of the weather and the urban environment.

In combining these elements and presenting them within the public cityscape, res publica juxtaposed two diametrically different understandings of architecture. One representative of power and prestige and the other a basic shelter for survival.

Res publica was commissioned by Grit & Pearl for the 5x5 Washington DC public art festival.

Download construction plan here.